Less than 20 days left

There are less than 20 DAYS left until Election Day.  As a great supporter, I hope you are willing to make at least one easy, but very important contribution to my campaign between now and the election.

1.  Display a lawn sign – Volunteers have put up over 450 signs throughout the district, but I still have more in my campaign office.  If you would like a lawn sign or have a neighbor that would like one, please contact my Campaign Manager, Marc Miller at 541-480-4702 or email him at info@jodihackfororegon.com and he will deliver a sign to you in the next few days.

2.   Walk – I am going to be canvassing neighborhoods in Salem each Saturday between now and November 8th.  Along with volunteers, we will start at 9am and be done by 11am each day. If you can help, please contact Marc Miller so we know who plans to attend and help out. We will meet in the Walmart parking lot in Salem located at 5250 Commercial St SE and promise to get you started off right with coffee and calories for the morning!

3.   Donate – Every single dollar helps!  It really does.  You can click HERE to donate to my campaign.

Remember, it is not over until 8pm on November 8th and I promise to continue to work hard on this campaign until the very end!  Thank you again for all of your support during this campaign season.


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