Jodi Hack Endorsed by Salem Area Chamber of Commerce

The Salem Area Chamber of Commerce announced early last month that they would be endorsing four local candidates for State Representative. Representative Jodi Hack was chosen as one of the four.

“An observation from the process was that our organization endorsed candidates that made it clear of their opposition to IP28, the tax measure that will be on November’s ballot,” the announcement said.

This is a tax that’s assessed on the gross sales in Oregon that would be the largest revenue boost to our General Fund in Oregon’s history paid only by some private sector employers.”

The announcement went on to say that these candidate endorsements are especially important, as the candidates understand the needs of small businesses and how to help them be successful in the future.

“I’m so thankful to receive an endorsement from the Salem Area Chamber of Commerce,” said Representative Hack. “I look forward to continuing in my endeavors to support and work with local businesses.”

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